Hi I’m Kami! First things first, I want you to know your wedding is a huge deal to me.

My couples are not just names on my calendar or numbers on a spreadsheet.  And being a wedding photographer is more than someone who takes your pictures for one day. This is an important relationship. I am your right-hand-woman – like a bridesmaid/groomslady with a camera more than a vendor you hired. Your cheerleader, encourager, organizer, drink-getter, the gal screaming “YAS YAS YAS” because I’m so excited about the work I’m creating for you. More than anything, I believe my job is to make your day as easy and fun as possible. I work my butt off to make sure you have the best day ever – FOR REAL. And then at the end of it, you have incredible images you’ll treasure the rest of your life.

I became a wedding photographer because I was studying photojournalism and was unable to stay separate from my ‘subjects.’ I would become wayyyyy too close to everyone I interviewed and photographed (apparently that’s frowned upon as a journalist – who knew?!). And then someone asked me to shoot their wedding and I discovered storytelling like I never knew existed: YOU MEAN I CAN BE A PHOTOJOURNALIST ANDDDDD BECOME BESTIES WITH EVERYONE I GET TO WORK WITH?! YAY OKAY!

This isn’t about me or what I'm looking for as an artist. This is about YOU, giving you the best  experience ever, and leaving you with images you will cherish forever and pass down to future generations. I shy away from super trendy things that I'm worried you'll hate in a few years; I'm committed to storytelling and creating timeless images. 

Above all, I'm here for you. I respond quickly, get your images back fast, do tons of location scouting and prep work, help make your timeline, and will always be in your corner every step of the way.

Based in San Diego, CA and living my best life with my husband. When we aren't working, you can find us at Disneyland or on the beach and probably eating burritos.



"My husband and I hired Kami after meeting her in Seattle. We had met with 5 other photographers before her and immediately knew she was the gal for us! She was caring, wanted to know our story and was so invested in improving our wedding experience as a whole! She went above and beyond in every aspect of the job. From driving 4 hours to our engagement shoot location and trekking through the mountain with us, to doing a second installment of our engagement shoot so she could shoot my husbands motorcycle! She killed it in every aspect!! She delivered amazing photos and knew how to control the crowd, our families and gave us great suggestions on timelines, locations, etc. She was also able to adjust when those timelines did not work :) We loved working with Kami and would recommend her HIGHLY to ANYONE!! She is a hardworking and passionate LADY BOSS!!! Can't wait to work with her again." - Ashley + Andrew