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what gear do you shoot with?

Canon 5D Mark iii bodies. Lenses (all Canon): 35 1.4, 50 1.2, 85 1.2, 135 2.0, 45 2.8 tilt shift. A few different Speedlites I'll use if necessary (but I shoot everything I can with ambient light)

what presets do you use? do you sell them?

I do not sell my preset. I've worked on my preset little by little over the years and have come up with something I'm super happy with - I encourage every photographer out there to play with editing and come up with something they love! My preset started out of VSCO pack 5 years ago (I believe the original preset I started with was Kodak Royal Gold 400+, but it's been so long I don't totally remember). It got tweaked every shoot and every wedding and over the years it's become what it is now! I put it pretty much on everything and I feel like it's super versatile and adjustable to fit different moods or feels. I definitely don't edit everything the same way or in one particular style - I really want my edits to be reflective of how the shoot/day/mood felt. 

can I second shoot for you?

I shoot pretty much all my weddings without a second shooter (maybe only 1 or 2 of my weddings every year have seconds!), so I don't really have opportunities for potential second shooters. I do offer mentoring sessions if you're interested in learning from me!

mentoring sessions!

I'm so excited to be offering mentoring sessions! I have a few different options for mentoring sessions:

- The Quickie: An hour skype/facetime/phone call (or in-person if you are in San Diego). Let me know what you're interested in talking about ahead of time so I can prepare before we chat so that time can be productive as possible. $100

- Coaching: I am very relationship driven and love having ongoing relationships more than just one phone or Skype call! Either one or two sessions a month (skype/facetime/phone call) where we can touch base about where you're at, set goals and watch you slay them together! Perfect for accountability and touching base about different issues that come up throughout the month or weeks. I would love to walk alongside you during this journey. 

- Full day: A whole-day experience where we 100% focus on YOU. We will get together and talk about whatever you want for as long as you want. I will answer whatever and all questions you have. We will do a portfolio + website + social media review. We will do a shoot together where we will photograph a real couple and you can watch me direct (and you'll direct too!). We will end the day editing the session we just photographed together! $650

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