YASSSSSSSSSS! I'm so stoked you are considering me to be your wedding photographer. I believe choosing  your wedding photographer is your most important vendor-decision you'll make. Why? Because your photographer is the only person you hire that will be with you all day long. It's so important you like them! On an average wedding day, I feel like I'm a therapist, cheerleader, coordinator, drink-getter, bridesmaid, artist, and your photographer. It's a really unique relationship. 



8 hours of coverage
online image gallery with 500+ individually hand-edited images
print release
timeline creation + advice
 in-person beverage or meal hang 


Up to 6 hours of coverage
online image gallery with 400+ individually hand-edited images
print release
timeline creation + advice
 in-person beverage or meal hang

Add-ons :

$500 - second shooter
$300 - engagement session
$350/hr - add additional hours
$500 - 'day after' session
$800 - rehearsal dinner coverage
$300 - boudoir session

*Add-ons, explained

Second shooter: I shoot a majority of my weddings alone without a second shooter! When you inquire, I send full wedding galleries for you to browse and I'll specify which ones I shot by myself and which ones I had a second shooter with me. I don't include a second shooter because I am 100% confident in my ability to slay a wedding day solo, so I have opted to save you guys the $$$ by not adding it into my base price. It's just my way of trying to keep costs down and not working something into my price I don't feel like I need. I'm always down to have a conversation about your day and I can tell you my 100% honest opinion if I think your wedding needs a second shooter!

Engagement session: Normally priced at $500, but my wedding couples get them for $200-off. This is a REALLY fun time for us to get to know each other, get comfortable in front of the camera, and have some amazing pictures of the two of you to use throughout your wedding planning process. These sessions typically last 1.5-2 hours and happen the 2 hours before sunset. No additional travel fees for anywhere within San Diego county. 
*note - these sessions are available on weekdays, Tues-Thurs. 

'Day After' Session: It doesn't have to be literally  the day after your wedding, I just didn't know what else to call it haha. This is a session where you and your boo get dressed up like you did on your wedding day and we have a couples portrait session. This is a fun option if you want to cut down on the portrait time during your actual wedding day, or if you had a special place in mind you wanted to take pictures but it's not feasible on the wedding day. Also, because WHO DOESN'T WANT ANOTHER EXCUSE TO GET IN THEIR WEDDING DRESS?! :)

Rehearsal+Dinner Coverage: This is a special event that is often overlooked when it comes to photography! It's such a fun and laid back event with your closest  friends and family around. This coverage is really journalistic and laid back as I just capture you guys interacting with your guests. 

Boudoir session: "I haven't felt this empowered since I went to the Beyonce concert" - a literal quote during one of my brides during her boudoir session. BOUDOIR! Oh my, how I love boudoir. I've been shooting boudoir longer than I've been shooting weddings. Boudoir is a really fun and special time between me and my brides and it gives them gorgeous gifts to give to their partner on their wedding day. But honestly, it's more for the bride than the person they're giving them too. It's SO FUN and empowering. My brides get $200 off boudoir sessions, so definitely take me up on this offer the year of your wedding if this is something you've been thinking about doing. :D If you're interested, reach out and we can talk about where/when/hair+makeup etc etc!

Additional hours: Pretty straight forward, but each additional hour of coverage after 8 hours is $350. 8 hours is really the perfect amount of time for me to get everything I need while making you a comfortable timeline where we won't feel rushed. If you feel like your wedding will need more than 8 hours, that's cool! You can add it on easily. 

Most popular package: 8 hours of coverage + an engagement session. You can always add-on add-ons (haha) at ANY time throughout the process before your wedding. 


Flat-rate for travel within the U.S. outside Southern California: $750
I consider any wedding that requires me to get on a plane 'travel'. I cover the Southern California region (Palm Springs, Temecula, San Diego County) for no additional travel fee. If you're wondering if your wedding is considered a traveling wedding, just ask! :D

Travel outside the US: starts at an additional $1500