Hi! I’m Kami!

First things first, I want you to know your wedding is a huge deal to me.

My couple’s aren’t just names on my calendar or numbers on a spreadsheet. As your wedding photographer, I’m your right-hand-woman. I’m like your bridesmaid / groomslady with a camera. More than just a hired vendor, I’ll be your cheerleader, encourager, organizer, drink-getter, and the gal screaming “YAS YAS YAS” because I’m so excited about the awesome photos we’re creating together. My job is to make your day as easy and fun as possible, and in the meantime, capture incredible images you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.


Did we just become best friends?!

While I studied photojournalism, I was unable to stay separate from my ‘subjects.’ I became wayyyyy too close to everyone I interviewed and photographed (apparently that’s frowned upon as a journalist – who knew?!). And then someone asked me to shoot their wedding and I discovered storytelling like I never knew existed: you mean I can be a photojournalist andddd become besties with everyone I get to work with?! YAY OKAY!

This isn’t about me or what I’m looking for as an artist. This is about YOU, giving you the best experience ever, and leaving you with images you will cherish forever and pass down to future generations. I shy away from super trendy things that I’m worried you’ll hate in a few years. I’m committed to storytelling and creating timeless images. Above all, I’m here for you and am always in your corner every step of the way.



I love music!

I’ve been playing drums since I was a little kid (and also married a drummer so I’m living my middle school dream). Funny story, my first "job" ever was teaching my friends how to play drums as a kid and somehow I convinced their parents to pay me for that! It was my first business; I guess I’ve always been pretty entrepreneurial. :) I love most music but my favorite bands are Blink-182, Dirty Heads, Neck Deep, You Me at Six.




Married to my dream guy.

I met my husband Victor when I was 19. We got married on the north shore of Kauai in the backyard of an Airbnb and it was the chilliest, coolest, most fun experience ever. Our favorite things to do are go to the beach, the zoo, Disneyland (where we got engaged *awhhhh*) and see live music. We traveled all the way to Nashville to see Blink 182 live – it’s still to this day my favorite date we’ve had.




I'm obsessed with podcasts!

Specifically true crime podcasts – the darker, spookier, creepier, the better. So when I'm editing your wedding gallery, just picture me in a dark room on my computer listening to stories about murder. #ssdgm Recently I’ve discovered Harry Potter podcasts and that's been a fun addition.



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