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Cody & Susannah | Snohomish Wedding at Dairyland

9.24.16 /// Cody + Susannah. #sorrynotsorry in advance... this blog post is a long one. This was one of my favorite weddings of the year for a lot of reasons. I feel such a strong connection to these two, probably because I had my first slumber party with a couple for their engagement shoot in Winthrop. When you spend 10 hours in a car with a couple, hang out with their friends for the weekend, stay in their hunting bunker with them... you're bound to become pretty close. This wedding felt like a fun reunion between friends (yay). From a photographers perspective, I love everything about how Susannah planned her wedding day.

This wedding was featured on Seattle Bride Magazine, check it out!

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Kevin & Rachael | Woodland Meadow Farms Wedding

Kevin + Rachael

Venue: Woodland Meadow Farms / Second shooting by Maddie Takata / Makeup by Shalonda Peguero / Hair by Azalee Gracier / Florals by Flourish Floral Design

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Allison & Josh | Craven Farm Wedding

Blogging is hard for me because I am horrible with my words, especially when I'm really excited about something. That's why I moved away from writing (whaddup journalism degree) and into photography. I sat in front of this blog post for what felt like hours (maybe ten minutes) trying to figure out the perfect thing to say about this one. This was one of my favorite weddings of my career so I just want y'all to enjoy the images because this was a fun one. 

Allison + Josh's Snohomish wedding at Craven Farms was *so* dreamy. It was late August, which is normally hot and bright, but the stormy clouds created the best mood and perfect lighting throughout the day. Allison put so much work into this wedding - all that stunning hand-lettered signs she did HERSELF. I felt like I was at a photographers playland at this one because Allison has such amazing taste and style and poured herself into planning this day. Also she gave me like 1.5 hours for bride and groom portraits which always allows us to produce some really amazing stuff. Allison should be a wedding planner someday because she *nailed* it.

Second shooting by Sharis Harmon 

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