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Frequently Asked Questions


Images & Delivery

What is the turnaround time?

For engagement photos - I usually get them edited within 1-3 weeks. For your wedding gallery - 4-6 weeks. I also send a preview gallery within a few days (and night of/next day social media previews) so you have plenty to enjoy while I'm finishing the rest up!


Do we get the RAW files and full ownership of the photos? 

You get full print/download rights for the high-resolution edited images for no extra fee! You can download the high-res images to print wherever you want and share as much as you want, or you can print and make albums straight through the site I use to deliver the gallery. You don't get the raw unedited files - trust me, you wouldn't want them! I often take 3000+ images on a wedding day, and I go through all the images and remove the ones that are duplicates / out of focus / someone is blinking etc. and deliver and edit the best of the best. That process is industry standard, let me know if you have questions/concerns about that!


Will you help us pose / not look awkward in the photos?

HELLLS YEAH! It is what I do best. I work with real people (not models) and directing/making people look and feel comfortable is seriously what I'm best at. Pinky promise. :)



How many images are included? 

I don't have a set number for this because I don't limit the amount I edit and give back! I deliver everything that turned out awesome while removing all the duplicates or ones where you're blinking. For engagement shoots, typically 150-250 final edited images. For weddings, anywhere between 500-1000 depending on a ton of factors. I alway send full galleries you can check out when you fill out my booking form so you can get a feel for what to expect!


Does the package include a guest book, photo album, and/or prints? 

You can print+make albums straight through the website where I deliver images easy peasy!!! It's really affordable and incredible quality, and the gallery doesn't expire so you can do that whenever you want. Or you can download them in high-res and print them wherever. I keep things really simple! I'm happy to go over that process with you.


Can I see full galleries?

Of course! When you fill out my booking form, I send full galleries in my response to you so you can browse through them.



Wedding Day Details

How many hours are included on the wedding day?

I have different options for this as specified in my pricing guide, but 8 hours is most common. Everything is totally customizable to fit your needs!


How many photographers are included on the wedding day? 

My base package is just me but second shooters are available as an add-on option!


Have you shot at (my venue) before? 

If I haven’t - I promise it doesn’t matter! I always go location scouting before weddings if it’s a venue I haven’t been to before, so I promise I’m always as prepared as I need to be. :) If I haven’t shot at your venue before it doesn’t mean I’ll do a less-good job (pinky promise) - I do tons of prep work and arrive to all my weddings early so I can scout the location again the morning of to see if anythings changed and see how the light is that day!



Do you help us make a timeline?

ABSOLUTELY! I am super hands on with my couples and help every step of the way. I've shot over 150+ weddings, so I am very familiar with how long certain things take or when stuff usually happens. I ask you a few questions (ceremony time, first look/no first look, exit time, wedding party size, getting ready locations, etc.) and based on those answers, I create a timeline for you. You can of course make adjustments as needed, but it's just to help get you started!


Do you care if we don't do a first look? 

I do not! I don't require if you do a first look and honestly don't have a really strong preference either way. As long as we plan your day strategically, you don't mind missing a bit of your cocktail hour/reception, and we have plenty of natural light left after the ceremony, it's really no problem!



Other Stuff

What is the deposit/payment plan like?

Deposit to book me for your wedding day is a flat rate of $1000 (unless we agree to another payment plan), the rest of the balance is "due" the day of the wedding. A lot of my couples set up payment plans where I can bill you monthly/quarterly/ or however you want! I make custom payment plans for my couples based on their wedding planning process and preferences.

What are the next steps if we want to move forward?

A signed contract + the $1000 deposit will secure your day! I send all of that over online so you can take care of that quickly and easily in an online form and invoice.


Can we meet for an in-person meeting before we book?

Choosing a wedding photographer is a HUGE decision - it's so important that we like each other and get along! I want you to get whatever you need to feel comfortable and confident that you're making the right decision. Before booking, I love having a phone call, Skype or FaceTime session so we can get to know each other and talk details. Or, if you prefer those in-person vibes and your local to San Diego, I have an office in Point Loma we can meet at! If that's not convenient and easy for you, I do feel a video chat is just as effective for getting to know each other.



How would you describe your style?

That's such a hard question for me to answer because every single couple brings out something totally different in me. I'm not the photographer who shoots + edits everything exactly the same way - my biggest philosophy and objective is to shoot and edit in a way that looks and feels what the day actually looked and felt like! Naturally, my Southern California weddings look pretty different than my Pacific Northwest weddings - because they are so different! I don't really fit into a category of "light and airy" or "dark and moody," because I just want it to look what it looked like! My background is in journalism, so my style is very deeply rooted in storytelling. I avoid super trendy editing or styles that I fear you won't like in a few years - I want your images to be transformative and bring you back to that place. So I describe my style as timeless, journalistic, bright, and joyful.


Do you travel?

I take on a limited amount of travel a year - so don't hesitate to reach out if you're getting married outside of Southern California! Additional travel fees apply to all weddings that require me to fly to the location or stay overnight.


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