Sierra | personal project

I don't know if it's the new Blink-182 album that came out (if you haven't heard it you should stop what you're doing and listen now), but lately I've been feeling the need to let my inner SoCal skater punk chick out to play.  Sierra was the perfect person for this vision. I knew of Sierra in a kind of roundabout way (girlfriend of a friend of a friend kind of situation)  but I've been following her on Instagram for about a year now (no shame) and have been DYING to get her in front of my camera. Her style is perfect and she has the sweetest and most contagious smile ever, but at the same time has this sassy cool-chick factor I always love to photograph. It's always amazing to bring an idea in my head to life, and Sierra was perfect for the job. Someday I want to move to SoCal and capture the skate/surf/beach culture and work with brands who serve this lifestyle, but in the meantime I'll grab my friends and bring it to life myself.