05.27.17. Jim+Alyssa /// These two met while running a marathon in Vegas. A marathon. I've run *one* half marathon, and I was in NO condition to meet the love of my life. But they did. They started out running the race together - "meet me at the finish line," they said. I can't get that line out of my head after I heard during their ceremony. I hear a LOT of love stories - and this one is probably one of my favorites.

Tucked into the mountains of Foresthill, CA (about an hour or so east of Sacramento) is the Monte Verde Inn. It was the perfect setting for this wedding - friends and family coming from all over and gathering to witness this sweet union. This venue feels so isolated in the best possible way. No one had cell service (which RULED because everyone was so present), it feels so far away from anything else - it felt like we were in our own little world up there. It was magic. 

I always ask my couples what they are most looking forward to about their day ahead, and both of them answered at the same time "DANCING!". They weren't kidding. I included lots of dance party shots in this gallery because it was the most entertaining dance party I've ever gotten to photograph. I put quite a few in this post because these guys know how to partyyyyyyyyyy. Take a look for yourself.