Cody & Susannah | Snohomish Wedding at Dairyland

9.24.16 /// Cody + Susannah. #sorrynotsorry in advance... this blog post is a long one. This was one of my favorite weddings of the year for a lot of reasons. I feel such a strong connection to these two, probably because I had my first slumber party with a couple for their engagement shoot in Winthrop. When you spend 10 hours in a car with a couple, hang out with their friends for the weekend, stay in their hunting bunker with them... you're bound to become pretty close. This wedding felt like a fun reunion between friends (yay). From a photographers perspective, I love everything about how Susannah planned her wedding day. This wedding is a fantastic example of why getting-ready space is SO damn important. Susannah's friend and bridesmaid had a gorgeous house in Lake Stevens the girls could use for getting ready and for the first look. The big windows, bright-clean design... omg. When I walked in there I felt like I was in a photographers playland. The best getting-ready photos and detail shots I've ever created because of the aesthetic of the house. It goes such a long way! I also love the way they incorporated their love for hunting into their decor. Country-chic is such a trendy Pinterest craze right now but Susannah and Cody LIVE this life and pulled it off in the classiest way by incorporating these elements into their wedding. All the antlers you see are pieces they themselves have collected from hunting trips and I think that's so cool. There are so many ways to incorporate elements into your wedding that are personal and look amazing. Not to mention, Susannah is an ice skating instructor and basically one of the most loved people I've ever met and had dozens (maybe 20-30? idk) flower girls which was the cutest thing ever. Anyways, enough of my rambling, I am so excited to be able to share these images with the world. 

Thank you to Julia Kinnunen for second shooting for me on this one!

This wedding was featured on Seattle Bride Magazine, check it out!