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Intimate Seattle Spring Wedding at Trinity Tree Farm

Tim & Ellie | 4.21.18

They met when he interviewed her for a job at Amazon. Both graphic designers, they quickly bonded over fonts and 'dorky' design things. After daily coffee outings and some accidental dates, Tim left his place of work and they started dating. 

Three years later, they married at Trinity Tree Farm in Issaquah, WA. A perfectly dreary Pacific Northwest spring day was the perfect backdrop for their intimate and emotional celebration. Ellie + Tim are the real deal, the kind of couple when you're around them you're like OKAY YOU GUYS LOVE EACH OTHER A LOTTTT. Their closest family and friends gathered under the rain and celebrated their marriage and it was perfect.

They put their graphic design skills to work while creating their perfect celebration. They designed and hand letter-pressed their invitations (I don't even totally understand what that means but they turned out BEAUTIFUL!). They created every sign and design element together and it's really incredible what they did together. WHAT A COOL WAY TO START MARRIAGE AMIRIGHT

Dress: BHLDN / Venue: Trinity Tree Farm / Hair+Makeup: Kat Green Makeuplove / Invitations+Signage: Tim Moore Design

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#RAYSYOURGLASS /// Cody+Jordan previews

Cody+Jordan. 06.24.17 /// I will 100% be blogging this full wedding later but I am too excited not to share a few now. Washington experienced a little heat wave last weekend and it was HOT - a 98 degree day in Chehalis during this wedding. My most organized brides are always either teachers or photographers and this one happens to be BOTH, so naturally this wedding was perfect. It's always nerve-wracking shooting weddings for other photographers, but Jordan and Cody planned the dream wedding that couldn't be more fun to photograph. I swear their entire town was there celebrating them and it was such a party. This was a special one and I can't wait to share more. 


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Shane & Lindsay. A dreary Pacific Northwest spring day made a bit brighter by these two and their marriage. It stopped raining long enough to have the ceremony outside and the reception was the perfect cozy party with the sound of rain pounding on the roof. The perfect day.

Venue: Woodstock Farm / Florals: Pozie by Natalie / Makeup: Love Beauty  / Wedding Gown: Alicia's Bridal

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Ashley & Andrew | Seattle Rooftop Engagement Session

Ashley & Andrew Engagement Session PART 2. Wanna see more of these stunna's? Check out their first engagement session with me last fall, an all-day adventure at Mt. Adams.  Their wedding this summer is going to be a gooooood one y'all. STAY TUNED!

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Josh & ErinAnn | Bellingham Wedding

ErinAnn + Josh. Married 01.15.17. There's nothing quite like getting to photograph a friends wedding. ErinAnn has been an important part of my life since I was 20 and it was truly such an honor to capture this day. She planned such a beautiful, cozy, winter wedding and made it exactly what her and Josh wanted: an intimate gathering of their closest family and friends filled with delicious brunch and lots of speeches. She was such a beautiful bride and I am obsessed with her dress - not quite white, kind of grey/blue, and very elegant. I am so proud of my friend and adore the partner she chose to spend her life with. 

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Leah & Tucie | Pickering Barn Winter Wedding

Leah + Tucie: Married 1.02.17 // The greatest way to kick off 2017. The sweetest winter wedding in a cozy Washington barn on a very very very cold day. 

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2016 Year In Review

New Years is my favorite time of the year. My favorite holiday. Not because of the partying or dressing up, but because I love the whole idea of it. I am so goal-oriented and I love the concept of having a clear beginning and a time to check-in. I love setting goals and intentions for my year (I hate the word resolutions) and then looking back at the end of the year and seeing how far I've come...

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Martha & Thad | Orcas Island Wedding

10.08.16 /// Martha and Thad. This one was a special one. One of the first that come to mind when people ask me about my favorite weddings I've photographed. These two are so connected to one another; their love is so deep and pure and it's clear to anyone around them. I really don't think I've ever photographed two people who were so present during their ceremony - it truly seemed like they were the only two people on that island. Through my whole process working with them: our initial meeting, their engagement shoot... whenever I left my time with them I always said "omg they love each other SO much - that was so fun!" Their wedding was no different. Surrounded by a close group of local and out-of-town family and friends, these two said their vows on Orcas Island where Thad grew up. Family-style dinner where everyone sat together on long tables and served themselves of serving platters. Family and friends staying in big houses on the island together. It felt like a big family reunion and the best party of the year. The rain didn't stop them from wanting to adventure out to the lake and I am SO glad a little PNW drizzle (downpour) didn't ruin their day. Because it was perfect; and these are some of my favorite images I've ever created.

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Cody & Susannah | Snohomish Wedding at Dairyland

9.24.16 /// Cody + Susannah. #sorrynotsorry in advance... this blog post is a long one. This was one of my favorite weddings of the year for a lot of reasons. I feel such a strong connection to these two, probably because I had my first slumber party with a couple for their engagement shoot in Winthrop. When you spend 10 hours in a car with a couple, hang out with their friends for the weekend, stay in their hunting bunker with them... you're bound to become pretty close. This wedding felt like a fun reunion between friends (yay). From a photographers perspective, I love everything about how Susannah planned her wedding day.

This wedding was featured on Seattle Bride Magazine, check it out!

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Toni & Kellen | Georgetown Ballroom Wedding

9.23.16 // Toni + Kellen's wedding in the city. Thank you to Julia Kinnunen for second shooting for me on this one! Toni's two-piece custom gown stole the show and was so fun to photograph. These two high school sweethearts and fellow Disney fans know how to throw a party and this day was one of the highlights of my wedding season. 

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Ben & Emily | Port Orchard Wedding

Emily + Ben's Port Orchard, WA wedding was such a treat to be apart of! One of the sweetest first looks I've ever witnessed and SO much joy and anticipation throughout the day. These sweet friends of mine are the real deal and photographing their wedding day was a highlight in my wedding season!

Venue: their family church in Port Orchard, WA / Second shooting by Karen Ready

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The Big Fake Wedding - Seattle!

Last month, I had the opportunity to be a photographer at an event called The Big Fake Wedding. To be honest, I never considered doing a wedding show. But this was different. The premise of the event is putting on a fake wedding so you can see vendors in action. Instead of being to a show where there are dozens and dozens of different vendors and you are just shaking hands behind a display table - you are only seeing a few (or one!) of each kind of vendor. Seeing them in action. Seeing their real work on tables. Watching them work and seeing them do their thing. The Big Fake Wedding's philosophy is to inspire local businesses AND inspire committed marriages, which is something I absolutely stand behind. The "wedding" is an actual vow renewal between a real couple, which reminds all the couples planning weddings out there that the most important part of being engaged is laying the foundation for your MARRIAGE, not just planning a wedding day. I absolutely love this company and their heart for what they do. Not to mention, it was SO fun collaborating with all these other vendors putting their best work forward. I felt like I was in a photographers play-land.  I felt so honored to be one of three photographers shooting this incredible event. This day in Seattle was pouring, absolutely downpouring the whole day, which made the neon/bright color theme so fun. I loved the contrast of the gloomy day and the party full of bright colors happening inside. I'm all about bright and bold color palettes (not usually seen in the PNW!) and I was so excited when I saw the inspiration board for this event. I am so impressed with all the vendors and everything they created!

Check out the event featured on Ruffled Blog and the Big Fake Wedding website! I am so excited to finally be able to share my favorite images from the day on my personal blog. Check it out! 

ALSO - I will be a photographer at the Big Fake Wedding in SAN DIEGO in just a few weeks! I am so excited and I can't wait to share that event with y'all.

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Kevin & Rachael | Woodland Meadow Farms Wedding

Kevin + Rachael

Venue: Woodland Meadow Farms / Second shooting by Maddie Takata / Makeup by Shalonda Peguero / Hair by Azalee Gracier / Florals by Flourish Floral Design

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Whitney and Dan | 3 year anniversary session (it's my anniversary too!)

About 4 years ago, a friend from church asked me to shoot her wedding. At that time, wedding photography wasn't even on my radar. I had been doing makeup at weddings for years, but never had any interest in wedding and portrait photography. At the time I was studying photojournalism at Western Washington University, mostly doing live music photography and working for music blogs and small publications. For some reason, I said yes. Now looking back that seems crazy - if I knew how hard wedding photography is and how in-over-my-head I was, I probably would have said no. I had never even second-shot or assisted anyone, I was going in totally blind and completely just following my intuition on how I should do things. Luckily, I had about 9 months to prepare, so I spent that time learning everything I could about portrait photography and working with couples. I shot their wedding, it went great, and people saw those original images from their wedding and I ended up booking more weddings. And all of a sudden I was a wedding photographer. 

I feel extremely lucky for that opportunity and for their trust. I know photographers who try for years and years to book their first wedding. Trying to get a couple to trust them with that task. I always kind of joke that wedding photography happened to me rather than me pursuing it. I feel like I owe my whole career to Whitney and Dan. If it wasn't for them, would I have become a wedding photographer? I have no idea. Maybe wedding photography still would have found me one way or the other. But the way I see it, I owe it all to them. 

I took them out to their wedding venue on their 3-year anniversary, set them up with a hair and makeup team, created a bouquet for her, and re-created some wedding portraits for them. To celebrate their love and give them the wedding portraits I wish I knew how to create back then. Also as a celebration for me - that day was also my anniversary! The anniversary of my first wedding. And that's a huge day for me. There's no other way I'd rather be celebrating that than shooting with these two: the two who started it all for me. 

Thank you, Whitney and Dan, for seeing something in me that I didn't see in myself back then. For giving me my start and trusting me to capture your most intimate moments. I owe my career to you. 

Huge thank you to Shannon Mercil Makeup + Jamae Wiederhold hair  for coming along and being my dream-team glam squad. Thanks to Jeremy Millar for coming along and assisting! He also got some gorgeous images of the day, check out his work to see what he created.

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Kenny & Olivia | Bellingham Wedding

Kenny+Olivia // What a LOVE filled day. The way Kenny looks at her... omg. I lose my mind. They have such a sweet and authentic love and the support from their friends and family was unreal. Such a fun day to be apart of!

Hair+makeup for Olivia and her bridesmaids by Leila Halbert

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